Animation Throwdown MOD APK v1.121.3 (Unlimited Coins/Money/Gems)

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Animation Throwdown MOD APK

Game Introduction:

Animation Throwdown is a collectible card game available on mobile and web platforms. It combines card games, adventures, and cartoons by Kongregate.

You can gameplay for free. This game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Download it directly from Google Play Store or App Store. Steam and the web platform are also available.

This game is unique in that it uses characters and content from five animated American TV shows. Below is a list of all the shows.

These are classic cartoon shows that previously aired on Fox. You can play with any of the characters.

The objective of the game is to collect various cards and battle with them. You can also combine cards.

Animation Throwdown Features:

There are many amazing features in the collectible card game, and the biggest feature is cartoon characters from your favorite shows.

The main feature of this game is card battles. You have to collect various cards and improve them. Nearly 100 cards from 5 different shows are available.

You have to collect the most powerful cards to win. The best option is to look for rare cards. You can also use them to level up your hero and to obtain more powerful heroes.

The cards are used in battle. If you have strong cards, you will win. You can also use combos by using two or more cards to gain more power.

When you have the right cards and know the right recipe, you can defeat all the other players.

When you use these combos, they will reach their full potential. Here are some of the best combos.

How to Play Animation Throwdown?

To play, you have to collect various cards and arrange them in your deck. To start the battle, you must draw five cards from your deck.

On every turn, you have to use a card from your hand. On the card, you can see the power and HP. The cards must be better than the opponents’.

Each time the opponent loses, the blood level will decrease. Continue playing until it reaches zero. You have to play this until the opponent’s points are zero.

It is necessary to use special cards in combination to win the game. You can also use the special skills of your character.

Animation Throwdown Story:

It is a fun game in which you have to participate in an animated card Throwdown.

Along with the characters from the five shows, you will go on an adventure. As you go on an adventure, they will join you.

Play with your favorite character. There are characters like Stewie, Brian, Tina Checker, Roger the Alien, and Hank Hill.

While cartoon characters are one of the biggest highlights of this game, it is actually a card game. Each card has its own special abilities.

As you collect these cards, you can use them in battle. You need to collect different cards so that you can defeat your opponent easily. You can also combine different cards.

Upon doing so, a few famous cartoon scenes will be unlocked, showing the characters in a funny scene.

Animation Throwdown  APK Features:

Using Animation Throwdown APK will allow you to explore the full potential of the game and collect various cards without any restrictions.

You will get unlimited money. You can use it to get the resources and collect items to upgrade.

  • You will have unlimited money in the game.
  • Gems: You will get unlimited gems in the game.
  • Cards: You can accumulate as many cards as you wish.
  • Power: Rare cards give you unlimited power.
  • Downloading the APK file does not require rooting the phone.
  • Direct Installation: The file can be installed directly on the phone.
Animation Throwdown MOD APK

Animation Throwdown Cheats:

There are many cheats available online. You can get unlimited packs with the cheats. To use the cheats, you need to download and install the Animation Throwdown app file. All these packs are free.

  • Large Gem Pack
  • Medium Gem Pack
  • Small Gem Pack
  • Special Pack
  • Starter Pack
  • Time-limited Pack
  • VIP Card

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