How to Avoid Getting ban on GBWhatsApp?

How to Avoid Getting ban on GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messenger app used by billions of people because of its straightforward interference. Its easy to use features, and quick usage makes it the number one priority.

How to Avoid Getting ban on GBWhatsApp
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However, some mods for WhatsApp were developed to make the use of WhatsApp useful, fun, and accessible. One of these mods is GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp a mod for WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Download is the modified and unofficial version of WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, it is used to chat, audio calls, and video calls with friends and family. The only difference is that GBWhatsApp comes with many amazing features, and WhatsApp does not.

Let us discuss the features of GBWhatsApp.

  •       Allows downloading status.
  •       You can hide last seen, double tick, and blue ticks.
  •       GBWhatsApp allows you to see the deleted messages.
  •       You can change themes, fonts, and background colors.
  •       There are some launch icons for the app.
  •       You can change the emoji types.
  •       Supports every kind of file.
  •       You can send large files or messages.
  •       Allows you to put long status.
  •       It contains a massive collection of GIFs.

These features are not available in the original WhatsApp. Now the problem here is that this fantastic mod is developed by a third-party developer, due to which it is not a verified app. GBWhatsApp is also not available on the Google play store.

As it is not an official app, the original WhatsApp bans the accounts of people using GBWhatsApp. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid getting a ban on GBWhatsApp.

How to Avoid Getting Ban

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before using these WhatsApp mods. WhatsApp’s new policies are strictly against third-party mods. This will cause loss and ban your account from using WhatsApp.

First way

To avoid getting a ban in the first place is to stop using GBWhatsApp and get back to the original WhatsApp. Before getting back, you should get the backup of the chats so that your chats must be safe.

Follow the following steps to get back to the original WhatsApp.

  •       Open your GBWhatsApp.
  •       Go to settings and take a backup of the chats.
  •       Once the backup is completed, delete the GBWhatsApp.
  •       Go to Google play store, and download the original WhatsApp.
  •       When the original WhatsApp is downloaded, open it and enter your number.
  •       Verify the number and enjoy the app without any fear of a ban.

Second way

If you still want to use the app, then you should keep these things in mind.

  •       Avoid using bulk messages and senders. WhatsApp keeps an eye on what you do on WhatsApp and does not allow you to send such texts. Using apps for such spam activities can cause your account ban. So avoid them and be on the safe side.
  •       Do not share your WhatsApp code with anyone. If by any chance, you did, there are chances that the original app might ban your account. As we know, WhatsApp is a secure and safe instant messenger app. If they see any suspicious activity with your account, they will ban it for your safety.
  •       Avoid joining illegal groups on WhatsApp. As we know, WhatsApp is continuously monitoring your activity. If you joined any group that goes against the policies of WhatsApp, they would ban your account. Avoid joining such groups and save your account.

How to get Unbanned

If, by any chance, your account gets banned on GBWhatsApp, what should you do? Don’t worry, I will tell you.

Temporary ban

The temporary ban is for a few hours that get unbanned on its own after the given period, so don’t worry about that.

Permanent ban

A permanent ban is a problem for you. If your account gets banned permanently, then try sending an email to WhatsApp with genuine proof. They will reply to you within a few hours.

Final Words

Third-party developers develop the mods for WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp. They are unofficial mods for WhatsApp that provide great experience but threats to privacy and security.

WhatsApp privacy policies are against such mods that provide no security to the users, due to which it bans the account for the user’s safety. You can avoid the ban by going back to the official app or keeping the usage up to only chatting and talking. 


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