How To Use Lightroom App? How To EASILY Edit Photos LIKE A PRO!

How to use lightroom app

Adobe has made many changes to Lightroom in the past few years. One of the most important changes was the introduction of Lightroom CC.let us discuss how to use lightroom. Some may wonder if Lightroom mobile is the same as Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC for desktop is a simplified version of Lightroom Classic. Lightroom CC Mobile can be downloaded to your smartphone.

How To Use Lightroom App

What is Adobe Lightroom Mobile? Lightroom Mobile can be used to edit photos on your smartphone and sync files to other devices.

How To Use Lightroom App
How To Use Lightroom App

We’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to use the Lightroom Mobile app to improve your workflow.

Where Can I Download it?

Lightroom Mobile is available for both Android and iPhone. It is easy to download. You just need to go to the app shop and download it.

Is Adobe Lightroom mobile free? The app can be downloaded and used for free. To use Lightroom Mobile’s full features, you will need to have an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Sign in if you already have a Creative Cloud subscription. You don’t need to pay anything to access the editing tools. Some features will still be paid if you don’t pay.

Paid Creative Cloud subscribers get mobile access to select edit tools, as well as the ability to modify raw files. Lightroom can also be synced to your mobile app.

Lightroom CC Mobile can be used to make photo edits regardless of whether you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The photo editor app can be used as an extension to Lightroom. You can work on your photos even if you aren’t connected to your computer.

You can sync your desktop collection to your phone! You’ll need Lightroom Desktop to do this.

Click on the Library tab and then click on your name at the top left of the screen. Next, select Sync With Lightroom Mobile.

How to Use the Lightroom App to Take Pictures

Once you have installed the Lightroom app on Android, it is time to start learning how to take photos using it.

Tap the Lightroom icon on the phone to open it. Next, select the camera icon at the bottom right corner.

After activating the camera, you will see an interface that is similar to your regular app. The screen has a large shutter button at its bottom. A few icons allow you to adjust various exposure parameters.

We will show you how to create stunning photos using a few tools.

The selector is located in the middle of the screen. Select JPG If you don’t wish to edit your image. If you have to make adjustments.

Next, in the lower-left corner, select auto? For professionals And High, Dynamic RangeThere are several shooting modes. Auto is the best option. Lightroom will automatically adjust the settings for your camera.

If you need more control over your photos, you should choose Profesional. This will give you different settings like ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure.

Adjust them by tapping the tool you wish to use and then swiping left or right. You can see the changes that you make on the screen immediately. This will allow you to see how bright your image should be.

Lightroom App
How To Use Lightroom App

You can use a High Dynamic range for landscapes or locations with high contrast. To achieve the best exposure, this mode adjusts the darkest or most prominent areas of the image.

This feature will allow you to adjust the Exposure, White Balance and Color Balance. Lightroom takes care of the rest.

Choose your preferred settings. You can now take photos just like you would with your phone app. It’s as simple as that!

For more control, use the Lightroom Camera Features

We have already discussed many settings that you can use to take photos in Lightroom. Lightroom also has many other features you should be aware of.

Tap the icon in the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll find many tools here that will help you take photos.

The Timer icon is located next to the aspect ratio. This allows you to activate your timer. For taking photos, you can choose from a delay of 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

You’ll see a lens icon in the lower right corner of your screen. To zoom in or out, tap this icon.

The Exposure Lock icon is located right next to the zoom tool. If you don’t want exposure to change as you move, you can select it.

Finally, filters are available. To change the color of your images, tap this tool. You can choose from a variety of colors, black or white options.

The Lightroom CC mobile application provides amazing tools for controlling the camera. This is a lot more than any standard camera on any mobile phone.

The Best Editing Tools for the Lightroom App

After you have finished taking photos, you can return to your library and choose Lr Camera Photos to retouch them. You can also choose to edit images from your gallery by choosing the All Photos folder.

Once you have selected an image, several editing tools will appear under the screen. We will list some features you might find useful.


You can select the area of the photo you wish to edit. After you have selected it, a + icon will appear in the upper left corner. You can tap it to choose from Radial, Linear Gradient, and Brush tools.


The tool cleans dirt from your photos. The icon in the upper left corner removes spots. You can choose the areas you want to copy over with the cloning tool.


You can use the filters to change the color or mood of your images. There are many options, from black and white to color.


There are many exposure options, including Exposure, Contrast and Highlights, Shadows or Whites, as well as Whites and Blacks.


You can make adjustments to White Balance, Temperature, and Tint as well as Vibrance and Saturation.


Advanced Color, Black, and White filters are available. You can also add Grain, Sharpening, and Vignetting to your photos.


This is where you can play with Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze. You can also add a Vignette to adjust its effects.


This is the button that you press if you don’t feel like editing the image. Lightroom will adjust all parameters to properly expose your image if you select this option.


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