How To Use RAVE App? Watch Online Videos -Chat in One Go

How to use Rave App?

One of the downsides to getting older is that it can be more difficult to keep in touch with your friends. People marry, have children, and may move around the country. You may find yourself far from the people who make your life complete. Rave syncs streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. Here’s how you can use it. we discuss here how to use rave app?

how to use rave app

Sometimes you wish your friends lived closer to you. You know that if you were to see a new movie together, it would be more fun. Rave is a great way to bring everyone together for a movie night.

how to use rave app
Rave app

What is Rave?

Rave is a video stream syncing app that lets users chat through voice and text while watching.

Rave allows you to join or start watch parties that include content from Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. You will still need an account on paid streaming services, but those that don’t require subscriptions can be viewed in the app for free.

Rave allows you to share your subscription with friends without an account. They may even decide to subscribe. It also reduces the problems that can occur when manually synchronizing.

Rave’s social networking feature is one of its most distinctive features. Rave allows you to watch with friends and strangers on public channels, which is a major advantage over other platforms. This allows you to find new friends even if you don’t enjoy the same content as your friends.


Rave has a Rave DJ function that allows you to create original remixes using songs from YouTube or Spotify. You can then invite your friends to hear them.

Rave is available for free on Mac, iPhone, and Android. If you don’t like ads, Android users only have the option of paying $1.99 to remove them.

Rave: How to use Rave App for Synced viewing?

After downloading the Rave app, you can open it on your phone and log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Next, you will be able to set up the content you wish to view. Either join an existing rave or create your own.

You can join any public rave by simply selecting one of the available. You can stream the main channel for free. You can view the content title and number of people streaming the stream before you join. Only the original creator of the rave can manage it and change the settings.

Start your own rave with the following plus icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. Select from the list. You will need to log into the streaming platform first if you want to access the content only on a subscription-based streaming platform.

You can then invite your friends to the app by tapping the button and add them.

Menu Icon > Friends. Before they can view Rave, your friends must download it on their own devices.

Click here to visit the link icon Send an SMS invitation to invite friends to join Rave.

You can set the privacy settings of the room to suit your group’s preferences. Rave allows users to decide whether the room should be made available to the public, other Rave users, their friends, or only to invited guests.

After the room is ready you can use the chatbox and microphone to begin talking or chatting while you watch. You can limit voice capabilities to anyone, yourself, or none at all, by the Rave leader. After your friends join the room, press Play Enjoy the experience.

Is Rave Safe?

Rave users have pointed out that Rave app does not allow you to create your own Rave account. Rave requires that all users link their existing accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, using single sign-on.

If you are a privacy buff who likes to the data, it is understandable that you are against this. You are at greater risk if you link all of your online activities to one account.

How To Use RAVE App

Rave is also available on all platforms. However, it has yet to be approved for the Apple App Store Mac. Rave for Mac will require you to download the app directly from their website. Although it’s impossible to know why Rave isn’t available, it could indicate that it hasn’t met safety standards.

Rave is not the only place users don’t feel comfortable sharing their subscription log-in information. Rave is a prime target for hackers because there is already a huge black market for login information to Netflix accounts.

Rave has received generally positive reviews, but there have been several complaints about security breaches. Users have complained about how their supposedly private rooms were hacked by unknown individuals who play videos and alter the privacy settings without their consent.

Keep in sync with friends on the go

Rave is a new streaming app that has received some criticism. There are currently no competitors offering the same experience, particularly for free.

It’s important to remember that Rave is not the most secure app. Before you use it, weigh the pros and cons. Rave is an app that allows you to stream and converse with friends, even if you are not particularly concerned about security.

You can also try Netflix Party if you don’t feel comfortable with Rave’s safety issues. This allows you to experience similar content without having to download an app or give up your login details.


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