Panda Gamepad Pro APK v1.4.9

The Panda Gamepad Pro APK application enables you to connect a gamepad to your mobile phone for easier control and manipulation.

Panda Gamepad Pro: Play mobile game with console gamepad controller

At present, there are many shooting titles that use a lot of buttons on the screen, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, … And if you don’t practice a lot, it will be hard to control. With this great gamepad application, you can set up and control it more easily and simply than ever before.

Panda Gaming Studio developed Panda Gamepad Pro so that gamers can play games on their phones more easily. Even though it’s just a Beta version, many people have expressed interest in it.

Keymapper is designed specifically for the gamepad:

To connect the gamepad to your phone device, you must first open this application. Panda Gamepad Pro apk will then provide you with a classic gamepad with all the features specified. To fit the touch buttons on the phone screen, you have to link the buttons. As a result, once the installation and adjustment process has been completed, the last step is to play your favorite game. It’s that easy.

panda gamepad pro apk

Easy to install and use

Outstanding features

As a result, users can fully explore the features of the application, due to the simplicity of the interface. Because the interface of the application is simple, gamers can easily adapt to it and feel comfortable with it.

panda gamepad pro apk

Panda Gamepad Pro is not just designed with a simple interface. It also provides many other excellent features.

In addition, the application also has some other features such as allowing you to log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account. This is very convenient if you want to reinstall the device or buying the new phone, you can still continue to use the settings that you edited earlier.


In addition to the superiority of this application, there are still many limitations because this is still just a beta version. The Panda Gamepad Pro supports wireless gamepads only, not wireless mice or wireless keyboards. As a result, you should take note of this to avoid wondering why the application does not accept the device.

A big minus point for the application is that you need to root. It is well known that rooting a phone is risky and can turn your phone into a brick for a moment if it goes wrong.

However, another way to activate the application is that you need a computer to run the external trigger. The publisher also made full instructions and you just need to follow.

Since the application is in beta, performance may be affected. An external application that interferes with the game can make it heavier. Memory-intensive, so a weakly configured phone may experience jerks and lag when playing.

Download Panda Gamepad Pro APK for Android:

This application is very easy to use and very good. The app has some minor errors, so users are encouraged to help and support it. If you encounter any errors while using the application, please notify the publisher so they can fix and improve it. Visit the link below to download this amazing app for free.

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